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Yoga MatCORPORATE YOGA (Workplace Yoga)

We bring our expertly customized group classes to your company or organization.  Studies show that the multiple mind-body benefits of Yoga can reduce job stress and improve overall health*.  In addition, research indicates that 80% of illnesses, and the reason for most doctor visits, are stress-related.  Yoga at the office can make yours a healthier, more productive place to work.  Soul Bliss Yoga is your partner in increasing the well-being and efficiency of your team.  We can develop a Corporate Yoga series for your company that stands alone as a unique employee benefit, or simply expand the offerings of your current wellness program.  Classes can be scheduled at the times which best suit the needs of class participants and daily operations – before, during, or after business hours.  Our services are also available for your company retreats or team-building events.

* Some of the Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice:

  • Improved brain function
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved sense of balance
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved lung capacity
  • Stronger bones
  • Lower levels of stress and anxiety

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As people live longer, they are seeking proven ways to maintain or restore well-being and vitality throughout their Golden Years.  Yoga can provide a powerful pathway to improved mobility, calm, and improved mental alertness.  At Soul Bliss Yoga, we feel a distinct privilege to work with our clients, age 60 and over.  Our instructors are highly skilled at leading safe and therapeutic on-site classes for seniors of all levels of mobility, including Chair Yoga.

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For individuals who want to develop or fine-tune their own personal practice, at their own pace, on their own schedule.  We are here to design a personal practice plan that works best for you.

Also available via Skype.

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